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Engage with your reviewers

Engage with your reviewers

Once you claim your business profile, you'll be able to flag or reply to reviews, or contact reviewers directly. Take the opportunity to engage with reviewers to address their points, ask for more information, or just say thanks. Here's some suggestions on how to do it.

Build trust to find new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more.1

Reply to reviews

We strongly advises businesses to take the time to respond and communicate with both happy and unhappy customers, and to view it as an important part of managing feedback. When you reply to a review, your response is publicly visible to anyone who visits your profile on Complete-Reviews.

Contact reviewers

Sometimes you may need a few extra details from a reviewer, for example, if you don't recognize them as a customer. Our Find Reviewer tool lets you contact reviewers to find out more information about them and their experience with your business. Any messages you send using this tool are shared directly with the reviewer, and are private.

Note: This feature is only available for service and location reviews.

Flag reviews

Occasionally, a reviewer posts a review that violates our Guidelines for Reviewers. If this happens, you can flag the review for our Content Integrity Team to investigate. It's important that you only flag reviews that breach our guidelines, because misuse of flagging may result in the function being disabled for your account.

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